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NTN solution for Food & Beverage processing

Providing the durability and flexibility required for food-grade environments.

Sentinel Series

NTN’s Sentinel Series is a premium line of stainless steel bearings and bearing units featuring food-grade solid lube with covers. The Sentinel line is designed for maintenance-free, washdown-resistant product lines in food and beverage applications. NTN’s flagship line is designed specifically to decrease downtime and increase profitability.

All Sentinel Series products have 100% stainless steel inserts and ball bearings filled with H1 food-grade solid lube. The Sentinel line requires no maintenance for the life of the bearing- simply install and start saving time and money.

Food-grade solid lube is a polymer impregnated with H1 food-safe oil, which helps prevent lubricant washout. Oil is stored in a porous solid material that acts like a sponge and releases the necessary base oil to lubricated the components as it rotates. The entirety of the Sentinel Series line come standard with protective covers (caps) for units that provide additional protection against contaminants and moisture, while adding additional safety for maintenance personnel.

The Sentinel Series offers both stainless steel housings and thermoplastic housings.

Sentinel Series – Stainless Steel Housings

Mounted bearing units with a stainless composition are designed specifically for applications where corrosion resistance is mandatory. When subjected to environments featuring high humidity or the presence of corrosive cleaning agents, traditional cast-iron ball bearing units are more likely to degrade at a faster rate during conveyor-line-washdown cycles. To address this issue, Sentinel’s stainless steel series features full stainless steel composition, from outer housing to inner ball bearings and raceways.

The solid base construction of NTN stainless steel bearings offers superior mount stability and impact-load resistance than bearings with semi-solid construction do. In addition, the removal of additional cavities minimizes any space in which particle buildup can occur.

Sentinel Series stainless steel mounted unit solutions are available in a wide array of configurations, including pillow block, take-up and two- or four-bolt flange styles.

Sentinel Series – Thermoplastic Housings

The Sentinel thermoplastic series offers comparable performance to our Stainless Steel series, but with added focus on protection from mold, bacteria, and chemical cleaning agents. Housings feature a white PBT composition that is designed with smooth surfacing to prevent particle buildup and retention.

The thermoplastic series offers similar solid-base construction to the stainless steel line, meaning excellent mount stability and impact resistance. With pillow block, and two-, three-, and four-bolt flange availability similar to those featured in the stainless steel series, the thermoplastic offering of the Sentinel line provides you optimum flexibility when selecting the appropriate bearing unit for your application.

Thermoplastic units also feature USDA H1 grade grease, as well as a stainless-steel bearing unit insert composition that offers exceptional humidity resistance.

Ultra-Class™ Series

NTN’s additional premium mounted-unit line provides an excellent offering for food processing applications that don’t require assembly line washdown. The Ultra-Class line is the original solid-base offering in our mounted bearing unit portfolio and has come to symbolize NTN’s commitment to performance and reliability.

Featuring NTN’s exclusive ball-point, set-screw design, the Ultra-Class black-oxide-plated insert provides 120° screw orientation, meaning superior alignment and centering when compared to typical 90° configurations. The semi-retractable, ball-point mechanism enables excellent tightening torque characteristics without damaging the shaft-mounting surface.

Protection from particles in pharmaceutical or dry-good environments is paramount when selecting a mounted unit solution, and the Ultra-Class series is up to the task. Using a combined elastomeric seal, in tandem with NTN’s outer flinger design, each mounted unit exhibits a fan-like mechanism that effectively keeps particles away from the inner ball bearing and raceways.

NTN also offers a high quality corrosion resistant bearing unit line, with a solid base construction to withstand high temperature operations and a full complement of housing styles that provide flexibility for your application.

Committed to Innovation

Our product lines are optimal solutions for an environmentally demanding industry, and we are committed to collaborative development of new and unique solutions for the dynamic rules and regulations of the industry. Contact your local NTN representative today, and find out how we can assist with your unique design requirements.